Pardon the Art Direction

What we can do for you...

I am a visual artist.


I have the most experience with graphic design, however I do practice all visual arts including traditional media, as well as digital design and it's execution.

While I do perform web development and can create awesome stuff, if you want a fancy site with more bells and whistles than a one man band (basically if you want to make your own facebook or dating website) I know the perfect database developer and web services provider to refer you too.. HOWEVER if you looking to have an easy to keep up to date website where you blog, showcase your skills, or have a small business with a shopping cart, or remake your current site into a mobile friendly rockstar, then I can help install the Content Management System and provide the VISUAL or front end for the mass public while showing you how to work the controls for half the price of the fancy web developers (because the graphics is the easy part for me, and I'm actually not doing any programming - sshh)..

I traditionally have worked from a computer making things for real world applications in print such as books, book covers, signs, store front point of purchase graphics, technical drawings and details for manufacturing and production, promotional material, and other things of that nature, and can provide designs made for other applications that just websites.

I also have experience with photography, video, and sound editing, and across many different end products that could include anything from videos/movies and editing, commercial/special event photography, and even music editing..


I define myself as the design guy who can make anything transfer from my brain to reality.. I envision the brand and provide the necessary info to any third party who may be needed to execute final design.. An example would be if I made a business card design for you I would coordinate with the selected supplier myself with your approved design and ensure that the file type is what they need and that they don't have any questions, because I don't happen to have a commercial printer in my basement.. Same thing if you wanted a channel letterset or a message center for a storefront, I don't have a bucket truck, but I can help you get the design to whoever it needs to go to for a professional finished design.